We produce a wide range of items from small bowls, mustard pots or a posy vases to large bowls, floor jar or one-off platters

The business has seasons. Early in the year, many people start thinking about buying gifts for forthcoming weddings.

Spring, on the other hand, prompts thoughts about redecorating the home and changing colour schemes, and people are searching for things to complement the new look.

In the summer, there are under­standably more visitors who drop in and buy something, while regu­lar customers are often looking for gifts by way of thanks to a friend or neighbour who might have fed the cat or watered their plants while they're away on holiday.

Autumn sees people turning their thoughts to hot bowls of soup and casseroles and stews, so oven-to-table ware gains popu­larity at this time of year, while during the run-up to Christmas, we are a good source of presents.

Although the bulk of the sales are off-the-shelf, Amberley Village Pottery will happily undertake special commissions, but because of the labour-intensive nature of creating each piece, it generally takes around five weeks to fulfill a special order. First comes the throwing, followed by drying. The first firing, or 'the bisque', takes three days to complete, after which comes the glazing and decorating. Finally the second firing or 'glost' takes a further three days.